Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

Fancy name - Simple concept

Simply put, UBI is auto insurance for which your premiums depend on your driving behavior.

In its most basic form, UBI adjusts the pricing only based on your mileage.
More comprehensive approaches take other aspects of your driving behavior into account.

Why most drivers benefit from UBI

The vast majority of accidents is caused by a small minority of drivers. UBI lets you prove that you're part of the safe majority and thus cheaper to insure.

With UBI, you no longer pay for the bad behavior of others.

How you can take full advantage

Compare offers

With byteRyde you can - for the first time - compare prices of different UBI carriers upfront - and thus find the best deal. Think Expedia for UBI.

Never pay us

Our service is always free. Because insurers pay us to get in front of great drivers, we can work for you for free.

Take no risks

byteRyde can get you quotes on an anonymous basis. Thus, if your driving data doesn't indicate greatness, your insurer is non the wiser.

Don't struggle with hardware

With byteRyde, you don't have to install a telematics device in your car. All you need is your smartphone.

Have a safety-net

byteRyde also collects traditional (non-UBI) quotes. So even if it turns out that UBI isn't for you, you still get the best possible deal.

Take your data with you

No longer get locked in. If you ever want to switch UBI carriers in the future, byteRyde can use your exising data to get you a new deal.